Location Based

With location-based technology, you can find the best deals around you.

Just For You

Mallness will show you customized deals that fit your profile & preferences.


Waiting on that special discount of your favorite brand? Not anymore...

Daily Updates

Tired of getting those deals that no longer exist? We always have fresh deals

Save While You Shop

Shopping in mall don’t have to be pricey. You can see all the deals & discounts in a mall of your choice right from your very fingertip. Simply select the mall, select the category, and voila! you will have access to all discounts & deals.. It can’t be simpler than this!


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Best of Features

With Mallness app you can enjoy robust features that will enhance your shopping experience. Features like location-based, recommendation engine, customized notification, user engagement (like, comment, rating), store directory, augmented reality, and many more. Enjoy shopping while saving money with Mallness app. Try our app now!

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