Bring ONLINE customer journey to the OFFLINE world

Foot Traffic

Increase foot traffic for malls and retailers

Targeted Deals

Recommendation engine through machine learning

Offline Behavior

Track and understand the user behavior OFFLINE

Augmented Reality

Enhance the shopping experience with AR gaming feature

Boost Conversion

Increase purchasing conversion rates with Online to Offline traffic

Indoor Location

Location based hyper-targeted solution with indoor location

Loyalty Program

One app for all malls, retailers, and loyalty programs

About Mallness

Mallness is an O2O platform that helps retailers to target, connect and engage with their potential customers inside the malls.

Our APP guides the users through all the shopping malls, shops and restaurants in their city, and helps them finding the best deals adapted to their profile.

Here are some benefits of using Mallness:

  • Tracking Customers Behavior Offline
  • Foot Traffic & Brand Visibility
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Communication with Offline Customers

Why Join Mallness?


Offline Retail Business

Offline store still dominating by 90% despite the booming of the online stores.


Research Online Before Purchase

More than 83% people do online research before actually purchasing

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